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My Happiness Solutions

You know your goals, we help you to achieve them.

MHS stands for My Happiness solutions.

It is a company which aims to simplify your everyday life in order to have more time for what really counts. We answer the needs of our modern life with effective and concrete solutions for your mobility.

MHS takes care of your and of your dear ones well-being thanks to a series of professional services  and personalised therapies.

MHS is mobility

Leave it to us, just enjoy the trip.

MHS organises all kinds of transfers as quickly as possible and in complete safety and serenity.

A high quality of network of companies with strict privacy rules allows you to reach your destination when you want and stress free.

Our services

Taxi e limos


Private jet

Bus and Minibus

V.I.P services

Personal security

Others needs? We are here for you!


Our first customers

“It is not easy to explain the values on which our professional experience is founded because it
arises from the passion for our work, from the continued attention to quality and from the
fulfillment of our customers’ expectations. After all, we are our own customers.”


MHS is well-being

Mens sana in corpore sano.

Already the ancients believed that an healthy body is interrelated with your personal well-being. MHS offers innovative services, ranging from physical preparation to nutrition to therapies, all of which aim to improve your health, whether you have set an important goal or have just got back from an injury.


Thanks to the collaboration with experts who accompany expecting mothers and new mothers (fathers-to-be and new fathers as well), MHS supports you in a very concerning moment of your life

Our services

Food and nutrition

Aromatherapy and phytotherapy


Masseurs and physiotherapists

Personal trainers

Dry needling


Doula, accompaniment during your childbirth (pregnancy, delivery, puerperium)

Security and personal security

Guided hikes

Alpine guides

Others needs? We are here for you!


People say

Doula, an invaluable aid

"A practical and concrete support in the daily lives."

The pleasure of the trip

"Great organization, everything was perfect."

A dream come true

“Who would have thought: me at the Scenic Trail."

We are here for you

My Happiness Solutions

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